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Q+A: Wally Brill of Google…the Most Fascinating Man in Voice?

Constance Johnson ABC NEWS Wally Brill has always loved robots. As a child he would talk with his toys and was disappointed that they never...

Thread-ing the Web: The Latest Protocol for the Internet of Things

Just when it seemed as though the Internet of Things (IoT) might actually turn into the ever-dreaded Internet of Misfitting Things, along comes Thread....

Conversations about Conversation Design

To paraphrase the title of Raymond Carver’s short story collection, What do we talk about when we talk about Voice AI? Are we talking...

Giving Voice to Vita Coco’s C.H.A.D. Brings Campaign to Life—and Connects to Consumers and Its Creators

Sure, on the face of it, it might’ve come off as just another gimmicky New Year’s Day ad campaign. Fun, funny, interactive, a clever...

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