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Q+A: Wally Brill of Google…the Most Fascinating Man in Voice?

Constance Johnson ABC NEWS Wally Brill has always loved robots. As a child he would talk with his toys and was disappointed that they never...

Is Anyone Else Listening when You Talk to Alexa?

Tom Philip Privacy is a big deal in voice, but it's sometimes frustratingly hard to get clear answers about what goes on with our data. I...

May (A)I Take Your Order?

Hi Auto, the Israel-based Voice AI company, already garnered some attention a couple years ago for their work using a microphone and a camera...

Giving Voice to Vita Coco’s C.H.A.D. Brings Campaign to Life—and Connects to Consumers and Its Creators

Sure, on the face of it, it might’ve come off as just another gimmicky New Year’s Day ad campaign. Fun, funny, interactive, a clever...

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