Q+A: Wally Brill of Google…the Most Fascinating Man in Voice?

Constance Johnson ABC NEWS Wally Brill has always loved robots. As a child he would talk with his toys and was disappointed that they never spoke back to him. Eventually, he started talking to robots and teaching them to talk back to him. He worked for several years as a music producer before getting to […]

Is Anyone Else Listening when You Talk to Alexa?

Tom Philip Privacy is a big deal in voice, but it’s sometimes frustratingly hard to get clear answers about what goes on with our data. I grew up in what could reasonably be described as a technophobic house: My parents did not own or even entertain the idea of microwaves, believing the fast cooking times […]

man looking out window of New York City apartment

What Does Sadness Sound Like?

Jeanna Isham When you think of the word “sadness” what images come to mind? What emotions? Does sadness mean devastation, heartbreak, loneliness, misery, depression, longing? With all of these different definitions for sadness, how could we possibly define and confine them within one interpretation of a Spotify playlist? A UX designer friend of mine wrote […]

Thread-ing the Web: The Latest Protocol for the Internet of Things

Just when it seemed as though the Internet of Things (IoT) might actually turn into the ever-dreaded Internet of Misfitting Things, along comes Thread. This latest attempt at a long-awaited (or long-dreaded, depending on your point of view) protocol to streamline the IoT, Thread—coming on the heels of many other stabs at a protocol, from […]

Conversations about Conversation Design

To paraphrase the title of Raymond Carver’s short story collection, What do we talk about when we talk about Voice AI? Are we talking about talking? About sounds? About the spaces between sounds—the silence that, without it, sounds might be entirely without meaning and structure anyway? Why isn’t it called Sound AI? Or why aren’t […]

May (A)I Take Your Order?

Hi Auto, the Israel-based Voice AI company, already garnered some attention a couple years ago for their work using a microphone and a camera to read drivers’ lips—allowing for decent speech recognition no matter how much noise was coming from the engine, the radio, or other passengers. Despite a global speech and voice recognition market […]

Giving Voice to Vita Coco’s C.H.A.D. Brings Campaign to Life—and Connects to Consumers and Its Creators

Sure, on the face of it, it might’ve come off as just another gimmicky New Year’s Day ad campaign. Fun, funny, interactive, a clever use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. But not even the folks at Vita Coco who dreamed him up—him being C.H.A.D., the Voice AI character that may even be a she […]

Q+A: Eran Soroka of CocoHub

Eran Soroka has worn many hats over the years, in many different media, from newspaper editor and NBA analyst to his current gig as head of marketing operations at Tel Aviv, Israel’s CocoHub. Offering pre-built software, this conversational AI outfit gives anybody the tools to create their own chatbots and get them up and running […]

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