Welcome to Talk to Computer. It’s a newsletter and a magazine, a website, it’s on YouTube and Twitter, it’s soon to be a podcast. It’s many things.

Just like the Voice AI world that it covers. And you’ll notice that it’s pretty talky—and sometimes longer than things you’ll come across in other magazines, E-zines, internet sites. That’s on purpose. It’s all about sound, conversation, how to design sound and voice, how to perfect it, how to monetize it, how to keep it real, make it interesting, make it profitable, ensure people’s privacy.

Voice AI, almost more than any other type of Artificial Intelligence, incorporates or touches on just about anything and everything—from communication and digitization to ethics and identity, to life itself. It’s also about the larger effects that Voice AI has—on advertising, on branding, in the creation of identities not just for people, for individuals, but for businesses, companies, products. This is where Voice AI really has potential, where it might really catch on.

Voice AI is just in its infancy, it’s still evolving, and Talk to Computer hopes to evolve with it, and to inform those outside the Voice AI industry as much as those who are deep inside it.